Columbia Missourian

State Government Reporter (January 2016 – May 2016)

Jefferson City, Missouri


(1) 4.17.16 Improv festival brings teams to learn and laugh


(20) 9.14.16 Voter ID law makes its way back to state legislature

(19) 5.13.16 Photo ID voting requirements pass legislature, head to public ballot

(18) 5.11.16 Missouri lawmakers, businesses disagree on approach to pay equity

(17) 5.10.16 Key Republican votes brought down religious liberty measure

(16) 4.27.16 ‘Religious liberty’ proposal dies in House committee

(15) 4.15.16 Nixon talks to Rock Bridge students about job opportunity, education

(14) 4.4.16 House committee considers teacher salary hike, more funding for poorest schools

(13) 3.30.16 Missouri House committee considers allowing guns on public transit

(12) 3.29.16 Missouri Constitution anti-abortion amendment draws tense debate

(11) 3.14.16 With tax incentives, Missouri bill encourages STEM education

(10) 3.9.16 Coalition argues against marijuana legalization

(9) 3.8.16 Agriculture data bill draws concern from animal welfare groups

(8) 3.4.16 Missouri bill guarantees opt-out ability for standardized tests

(7) 3.2.16 Missouri Supreme Court won’t rule in advocacy group’s case against state Senate

(6) 2.24.16 Missouri Supreme Court to rule on advocacy group’s right to film Senate hearings

(5) 2.22.16 New bill pushes State Board of Education transparency requirements

(4) 2.15.16 Child safety bills focus on terrorist threats, suicide prevention

(3) 2.11.16 Missouri bill would require students to recite Pledge of Allegiance every day

(2) 2.3.16 Bill seeks to decide legal fate of fantasy sports in Missouri

(1) 2.1.16 With bill, Kendrick hopes to curtail student loan ‘repayment crisis’


(8) 4.27.16 Supporters and opponents gather to discuss a proposed amendment

(7) 4.18.16 Caleb Rowden listens as Tom Rackers testifies

(6) 4.4.16 Rep. Steve Cookson presents HB 1625 and HB 1626

(5) 3.14.16 Rep. Michael Butler defends House Bill 2124

(4) 2.22.16 Rep. Kurt Bahr presents House Bill 2031

(3) 2.8.16 Sen. Wieland hopes to end death penalty in Missouri

(2) 2.1.16 Kip Kendrick talks at news conference

(1) 2.1.16 Kip Kendrick presents his plan

Contributed Reporting

(3) 9.2.16 Missouri House candidates detail campaign fundraising

(2) 4.29.16 Schaefer meet and greet moves to MU Student Center at the last minute

(1) 2.25.16 Legislators applaud firing of Melissa Click