Record snows hit mid-Missouri

In the span of 24 hours, Columbia saw 14.5 inches of snow


COLUMBIA, Mo. — Starting Friday and continuing into the weekend, the mid-Missouri area was hit with record levels of snow.

According to the National Weather Service, the city of Columbia received more than a foot of snow during the first day of the storm.

Here are a few pictures of the University of Missouri campus, taken on Saturday afternoon:


Revisiting Columbia’s shantytown legacy

The University of Missouri has a long history of protests.

In 2015, a group of students under the banner of “Concerned Student 1950” camped out on the Carnahan Quadrangle to protest racism at the school’s flagship Columbia campus, confronting what they saw as an inappropriate silence from university officials.

Jonathan Butler, a graduate student and leader of the movement, staged a week-long hunger strike. This triggered support from the football team, which began a boycott of all sports-related activity to undergird Butler’s effort.

The national news media caught the story. Soon, the entire country had its eyes on MU.

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