Child safety bills

Three bills in the Missouri legislature, all concerned with child safety, received attention in public hearings Monday.

HB 1792 would add terrorist threats and statutory rape to the list of offenses that must be reported by school officials.

HB 1656 would require new mandatory suicide prevention training for all public school teachers.

HB 2388 would broaden pre-existing concussion awareness mandates to encompass both school-sponsored and community-organized youth athletic events.

Read the Missourian’s coverage of all three bills here.


Representatives reconcile after fist fight

Rep. Curtis and Rep. Butler of the Missouri House of Representatives had an altercation late last month, which resulted in the former taking out a restraining order on the latter.

However, there’s good news: The two have come to terms, dropping the restraining order, and are now working on a bill together to help establish a new urban education program.

Read KOMU’s coverage here.

Fantasy sports = gambling?

In many states, such as New York, Hawaii and Texas, the answer is yes, but not according to a new bill proposed by Rep. Fitzpatrick in Missouri.

HB 1941 would clarify the legal language of Missouri’s gaming laws to provide an exemption for daily fantasy sports sites. Currently, there is nothing codified that would conclusively indicate these sites as gambling or non-gambling operations.

Fans of FanDuel have reason to rejoice – if the bill becomes law, that is.

Weekly roundup 1.31.16

Here’s all the news of the week that captured widespread attention (and my own self-interest) here, there and everywhere. Did I miss anything?

Local (Columbia)

No jail time for Click, and now tires have national attention

Wolfe’s email takes shots at local senator, fire is promptly returned

Missouri QB Maty Mauk forcibly dismissed, UM Curator Sparks voluntarily resigns

State of the University? This time, a scandal in student government

State (Missouri)

Claire McCaskill gets picked for jury duty, but actually enjoys it

One bill to require free speech class, another additional abortion bans

Capital punishment and concealed carry see debate, legislators see a fist fight


Donald Trump won’t debate, the iPhone won’t sell

Anti-Bernie editorials grace Washington Post, pro-Hilary hit New York Times