Missouri Senate

Multimedia Specialist (November 2017 – Present)

Jefferson City, Missouri


1.18.19 Senate Leaders React to Governor’s State of the State Address (Role: Videographer/Editor)

1.14.19 Missouri Senate Begins 2019 Legislative Session (Role: Videographer/Editor)

1.7.19 Missouri Lawmakers Prepare for 2019 Legislative Session (Role: Videographer/Editor)

11.30.18 Missouri State Capitol Undergoes Extensive Renovation Project (Role: Videographer/Editor)

11.20.18 Missouri Senate Majority and Minority Caucuses Elect New Leaders (Role: Videographer/Editor)

10.15.18 2018 Missouri Senate Retirement Ceremony (Role: Videographer/Editor)

9.20.18 Missouri Senate Concludes Veto and Extraordinary Sessions (Role: Videographer/Editor)

6.13.18 Lawmakers React to Governor’s Speech During Joint Legislative Session (Role: Videographer/Editor)

6.7.18 Missouri General Assembly Approves Prevailing Wage Reform (Role: Videographer/Editor)

6.4.18 Missouri General Assembly Concludes 2018 Legislative Session (Role: Videographer/Editor)

5.23.18 Missouri General Assembly Passes Public-Sector Union Reform (Role: Videographer/Editor)

5.16.18 Missouri General Assembly Finalizes 2019 State Budget (Role: Videographer/Editor)

5.2.18 Missouri Senate Approves 2019 State Budget (Role: Videographer/Editor)

4.18.18 Missouri Senate Approves Corporate Tax Reform Proposal (Role: Videographer/Editor)

3.23.18 Missouri Senate Concludes First Half of 2018 Legislative Session (Role: Videographer/Editor)

3.12.18 Missouri Senate Passes Bill to Raise the Age of Juvenile Prosecution (Role: Videographer/Editor)

2.20.18 Missouri Senate Approves Utility Legislation (Role: Videographer/Editor)

2.13.18 Missouri Senate Passes Bill to Combat Human Trafficking (Role: Videographer/Editor)

1.30.18 Missouri Senate Debates Prevailing Wage Reform (Role: Videographer/Editor)

1.26.18 Sex Trafficking Awareness Advocates Hold Rally in Missouri Capitol (Role: Videographer/Editor)

1.5.18 Lawmakers Begin 2018 Legislative Session (Role: Videographer/Editor)

12.18.17 Sen. Jill Schupp Discusses the 2018 Legislative Session (Role: Videographer/Editor)

12.8.17 Missouri Lawmakers Discuss Tax Reform (Role: Videographer/Editor)

12.4.17 Missouri Sen. Bill Eigel Discusses Tax Reform (Role: Videographer/Editor)

Online Articles

6.28.18 State Capitol Renovation Project Update (Role: Writer/Photographer)

1.17.18 Missouri Capitol gets New LED Lighting (Role: Photographer)

12.21.17 Missouri Capitol Decorated for Christmas (Role: Photographer)

11.30.17 Revamped Rotunda Chandelier Boasts New LED Lights (Role: Writer)

Legislative Columns & Press Releases

1.21.19 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Building a Budget Through the Governor’s Priorities (Role: Writer)

1.18.19 Sen. Shalonn “Kiki” Curls: Legislative Column for the Week of Jan. 18, 2019 (Role: Writer)

1.16.19 Senator Shalonn “Kiki” Curls Introduces Resolution Designating Kansas City Chiefs as Missouri’s Official Professional Football Team (Role: Writer)

1.14.19 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Beginning a New Legislative Session (Role: Writer)

1.10.19 Sen. Dan Hegeman Sworn Into Office as 2019 Legislative Session Begins (Role: Writer)

1.7.19 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Looking Ahead to the 2019 Legislative Session (Role: Writer)

12.31.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Reforming Tax Credits for Low-Income Housing (Role: Writer)

12.24.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Looking Forward to a New Year (Role: Writer)

12.17.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Wishing a Merry Christmas to All (Role: Writer)

12.10.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Remembering President George H.W. Bush (Role: Writer)

12.03.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Holding Government Accountable (Role: Writer)

11.26.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Pre-Filing Begins for 2019 Legislative Session (Role: Writer)

11.19.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday (Role: Writer)

11.08.18 Senator Bill Eigel Receives Tax Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement in State Tax Reform (Role: Writer)

11.05.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Coming Together to Serve Missouri (Role: Writer)

10.29.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Participating in the Democratic Process (Role: Writer)

10.22.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Clean Missouri is Wrong for Our State (Role: Writer)

10.15.18 Senator Bill Eigel Encourages Student Artists to Submit Their Work to the 2019 Senate Art Exhibit (Role: Writer)

10.15.18 Senator Bill Eigel Encourages Local Businesses to Participate in Buy Missouri Week (Role: Writer)

10.15.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Expanding Access to Telehealth Coverage (Role: Writer)

10.09.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Protecting Patients from Surprise Medical Bills (Role: Writer)

10.01.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Missouri Receives Grace Period for Real ID Compliance (Role: Writer)

9.24.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Coming Together to Combine Water Resources (Role: Writer)

9.17.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Legislature Concludes Veto and Extraordinary Sessions (Role: Writer)

9.10.18 Missouri Receives Grace Period Extension for Real ID Compliance (Role: Writer)

9.10.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Previewing the Veto and Extraordinary Sessions (Role: Writer)

9.3.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Celebrating Labor Day and the American Spirit (Role: Writer)

8.28.18 Sen. Bill Eigel Congratulates Local Winner of 2019 Missouri Teacher of the Year Award (Role: Writer)

8.27.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Helping Missouri Farmers Confront Drought Conditions (Role: Writer)

8.27.18 Missouri Division of Tourism to Award More than $188,000 to City of St. Charles (Role: Writer)

8.20.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Prioritizing School Transportation (Role: Writer)

8.13.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Supporting Missouri’s Corrections Employees (Role: Writer)

8.6.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Showcasing Agriculture at the 2018 Missouri State Fair (Role: Writer)

7.30.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Participating in the Electoral Process (Role: Writer)

7.23.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Filling Vacancies in County Offices (Role: Writer)

7.18.18 Senator Shalonn “Kiki” Curls to Host 12th Annual Kansas City Public Health and Safety Fair (Role: Writer)

7.16.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Lowering Missourians’ Tax Burden (Role: Writer)

7.9.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Supporting Our Service Members and Veterans (Role: Writer)

7.6.18 Sen. Cunningham’s Column for the Week of July 2, 2018 (Role: Writer)

7.2.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Celebrating American Independence (Role: Writer)

6.25.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Enhancing Missouri’s Wireless Infrastructure (Role: Writer)

6.18.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Welcoming Missouri’s New Governor (Role: Writer)

6.11.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Supporting Missouri’s Top Economic Industry (Role: Writer)

6.4.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Expanding Rural Broadband Access (Role: Writer)

5.28.18 Sen. Kiki Curls: Legislative Column for the Week of May 28, 2018 (Role: Writer)

5.28.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Examining the State Budget for the 2019 Fiscal Year (Role: Writer)

5.21.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: General Assembly Concludes 2018 Legislative Session (Role: Writer)

5.14.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: General Assembly Approves 2019 State Budget (Role: Writer)

5.14.18 Sen. Kiki Curls: Legislative Column for the Week of May 14, 2018 (Role: Writer)

5.7.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Reforming the Missouri Merit System (Role: Writer)

4.30.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Approving Missouri’s Operating Budget (Role: Writer)

4.23.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Reforming Missouri’s Corporate Tax Code (Role: Writer)

4.16.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Preserving Community College Funding (Role: Writer)

4.9.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Making Local Government More Efficient (Role: Writer)

4.2.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Reining In Government Tax Credits (Role: Writer)

4.2.18 Sen. Kiki Curls: Legislative Column for the Week of April 2, 2018 (Role: Writer)

3.26.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: 2018 Legislative Session Enters Final Stretch (Role: Writer)

3.19.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Missouri Senate Reaches Halfway Mark in 2018 Legislative Session (Role: Writer)

3.12.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Supporting Seniors, Animals and Agriculture (Role: Writer)

3.5.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Fighting Opioid Addiction in Missouri (Role: Writer)

3.5.18 Sen. Kiki Curls: Legislative Column for the Week of March 5, 2018 (Role: Writer)

2.26.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Training Missouri’s Workforce (Role: Writer)

2.19.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Restoring the Missouri Rx Plan (Role: Writer)

2.19.18 Sen. Kiki Curls: Legislative Column for the Week of Feb. 19, 2018 (Role: Writer)

2.12.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Celebrating Missouri’s Great Northwest (Role: Writer)

2.12.18 Sen. Kiki Curls: Legislative Column for the Week of Feb. 12, 2018 (Role: Writer)

2.5.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Reining in Missouri’s Housing Tax Credits (Role: Writer)

2.5.18 Sen. Kiki Curls: Legislative Column for the Week of Feb. 5, 2018 (Role: Writer)

1.29.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Capping Historic Preservation Tax Credits (Role: Writer)

1.22.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Filling Missouri Boards and Commissions (Role: Writer)

1.16.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Reflecting on the Governor’s State of the State Address (Role: Writer)

1.8.18 Sen. Bill Eigel Releases Statement on Certificate of Need Board Decision on Clarendale Project (Role: Editor)

1.8.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Making Missouri Stronger (Role: Writer)

1.1.18 Sen. Dan Hegeman: 2018 Legislative Session Begins (Role: Writer)

12.26.17 Sen. Dan Hegeman: New Year, New Opportunities (Role: Writer)

12.18.17 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Merry Christmas to All (Role: Writer)

12.11.17 Sen. Dan Hegeman: The Importance of Tort Reform (Role: Writer)

12.4.17 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Pre-Filing Begins for the 2018 Legislative Session (Role: Writer)

11.30.17 Sen. Denny Hoskins Announces Several Proposals for 2018 Legislative Session (Role: Writer)

11.27.17 Sen. Dan Hegeman: Shop Local This Holiday Season (Role: Writer)

11.20.17 Sen. Dan Hegeman: United in Thanks (Role: Writer)