Missouri Capitol construction continues

The $40 million project will conclude by January 2021


This article was originally posted to the Missouri Senate website.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Construction work continues on the State Capitol building as the Missouri General Assembly stands adjourned during the summer months.

The $40 million project, which began in March, will modernize the stonework of the building’s façades, dome and drum before the governor’s inauguration in January 2021. The Capitol’s south lawn serves as a staging zone for the construction, with scaffolding covering the building at multiple locations.

During construction, eastbound traffic on Capitol Drive has been diverted onto West Main Street, while westbound traffic has condensed from two lanes to one.

As of June 28, work is well underway on the Senate wing of the Capitol’s exterior. From there, workers will move counterclockwise toward the east façade, gradually making their way around the building.

On the south portico, the area of the building beneath the central columns, workers are busy removing damaged stonework in preparation for the arrival of new replacement stone, selected by the Missouri State Capitol Commission to match the color and consistency of the original material. Construction crews have caulked and ground the portico’s joints to ready it for the fresh stonework.

On the east terrace, crews are working to waterproof the stone. The terrace’s treads and balustrades — that is, the step bases and stair railings, respectively — have been entirely removed. The pointing and pinning of the base-level stone is almost finished, and workers have poured new concrete around the first-floor entrance.

Construction on Monument Plaza, directly north of the Capitol, has also advanced. The Liberty Bell pavilion slab is undergoing repairs, and a new curb is being installed to better blend with the area’s aesthetic. To address flooding, a new drain box has been positioned near the Veterans Memorial.

Work on the Capitol and surrounding grounds will continue in the coming years. Updated construction pictures, photographed at regular intervals, are available on the Missouri Senate website, allowing interested citizens to keep track of the project’s progress.

Author: Zachary Reger

A graduate of the University of Missouri with degrees in journalism, philosophy and film studies, Zach's primary interests lie in political reporting, media production and social philosophy.

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