Weekly roundup 1.31.16

Here’s all the news of the week that captured widespread attention (and my own self-interest) here, there and everywhere. Did I miss anything?

Local (Columbia)

No jail time for Click, and now tires have national attention

Wolfe’s email takes shots at local senator, fire is promptly returned

Missouri QB Maty Mauk forcibly dismissed, UM Curator Sparks voluntarily resigns

State of the University? This time, a scandal in student government

State (Missouri)

Claire McCaskill gets picked for jury duty, but actually enjoys it

One bill to require free speech class, another additional abortion bans

Capital punishment and concealed carry see debate, legislators see a fist fight


Donald Trump won’t debate, the iPhone won’t sell

Anti-Bernie editorials grace Washington Post, pro-Hilary hit New York Times


Author: Zachary Reger

A graduate of the University of Missouri with degrees in journalism, philosophy and film studies, Zach's primary interests lie in political reporting, media production and social philosophy.

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